Blythe Spirit Creations
Steampunk, Renaissance, fantasy, and medieval pens (regular and fountain), lightswitch covers, jewellery, wrist cuffs, magnets, containers, and more!

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Beautifully detailed work and lots of fun themes, too! Well done!
Will - 16 Feb 2021
Amazing work!
Geoff Meredith - 9 Feb 2021
Amazing pens, love them. Planning on getting several more. Keep up the beautiful work Debbie! As unique as practical.
Carlos del Burgo - 16 Nov 2017
hi Debbie, I love all your work, especially the custom French horn items and fountain pen you did for me!
James Roberts - 30 Aug 2017
you're simply the best...better than all the rest!
David - 11 May 2015
Great Debbie, loved many of the items enough to consider purchasing. Deanna
deanna silver - 21 Jan 2015
Debbie - Beautiful work! Such variety and imagination. I have many favourites among these, but the Hindu hands against stone pendants, the white on white abstract beaded necklace, and the double strange orange agate necklace are memorable! Looking forward to adding your art to my collection box. All the best, Carole
Carole Martignacco - 8 Jun 2013
Debbie, I LOVE the tiger-eye "OM" pendant I purchased (as a gift for myself!) at Christmastime. It is beautiful and it brings a wonderful, grounded vibe. Thank you for your artistry.
Rick - 4 Mar 2012
Great to see how your work has evolved. I always enjoy wearing your earrings and necklace. Keep up your Spirit! Way to go, Debbie!
Danielle Goulet - 1 Nov 2011
Wow Debbie, You are very creative and your pieces are so beautiful! One can tell, it is a labour of love. I'll be ordering some pieces for family as Christmas gifts this year, and I'm sure it will become a tradition. Thanks for being a fantastic sister-in-law. Sue
Sue Blythe - 30 Oct 2011
May beauty continue to inspire you and bring you healing, Debbie. With best wishes and much encouragement to continue on this creative path, Louise H.
Louise Halperin - 30 Oct 2011
Juliette Patterson - 29 Oct 2011
Beautiful work Debbie. Will think of you next time I shop for jewlery. Vivianne
Vivianne Beauséjour - 1 Oct 2011
Beautiful original creations Debbie. You have a real talent.
Stan - 10 Sep 2011
Beautiful creations, Debbie! And I love the names you give them. You can tell it's a labour of love.
Robert Breuer - 9 Sep 2011
I love the way you manage to create pieces that are completely current yet also reflect a style that is totally unique - almost trademark. I'm still getting compliments on pieces I bought ages ago!
Cory - 7 Sep 2011
Beautiful, original pieces! I look forward to placing an order soon.
Mary-Louise Engels - 23 Aug 2011
Love the new site! Will definitely be ordering something soon.
Amy - 22 Aug 2011
This website is an excellent showcase for your creativity. I treasure my own pieces... and hope to pick up a few more soon! :-)
Shonda - 22 Aug 2011
Beautiful, high quality work. I have a gorgeous necklace, my FAVORITE bracelet, and stunning unique earrings from Debbie, and they are the "go-to" pieces in my collection. :)
Natasha Henderson - 21 Aug 2011
I have always LOVED your earrings and they are some of my most worn jewlery. they sit in the ear just right and aren't so gawdy that I can't wear them to work. I always get complements on them. Glad to see you are back to the creative side of the Spirit!
carrie Lundgren - 21 Aug 2011
Just gorgeous Debbie! Your creativity inspires me.
Ramona - 21 Aug 2011
Way to go Debbie. When do you find the time?
Catherine Maron - 21 Aug 2011
Ooo, I love it.
Matthew - 20 Aug 2011
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